Hello everyone,

It’s almost nearing 10 years since I have been involved in product design, taking an idea -> bringing it to life with some great user experience and interface design and working with amazing people to ship it out to the world.

We bootstrapped NFN Labs in 2011 - an independent design & development studio specialising in UX, UI, Web and Mobile App Development, profitable since day one. Today we are a 25 member team which works 4 days a week to build world class products which we are really proud of.

I was also fortunate to meet another set of amazing people in 2015 to run Kabadiwalla Connect where we focus on decentralised waste management and waste-collection solutions for cities in the developing world — powered by the informal sector. Our commercial pilots have been implemented in India, Indonesia and the Ivory Coast. As featured by National Geographic, Ellen Macarthur Foundation and the World Economic Forum.

I think it’s time to give back, I wanted to share with you a little bit about why I'm launching this new publication. This site is dedicated to talking about design, delightful experiences, product development, building teams in non-crazy but unique work environments, enjoying the journey and everything in between that I have learnt over the last 10 years. It's also about documenting my life's work.

What I'm hoping is that you might take a moment to share this essay with a few friends who may like design, attention to detail, products, building and shipping things and encourage them to subscribe to the site. Forward it. Tweet it. Post it on Facebook. It will mean a lot to me.

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