How I started as a designer

I started this site with the intention to share whatever I have learnt over the last 10 years about design, bootstrapping a business, running small high-output teams and enjoying the journey each day. This post is about how I made my way into being a designer.

Remote Work

It's been more than 8 weeks and we have been working from home since then. Sharing some thoughts on how we transitioned to remote work, how we set up simple communication protocols and shipped high quality stuff out into the world.

Shipping Side Projects

Why do you need a side project? Because these ideas keep popping in your head and it’s a chance for you to apply your mind to solve it. For me it’s to learn, to understand how things work, to get your hands dirty, to get creative within constraints, to solve.

I don't have a degree in design

I absolutely love what I am doing today. Building user experiences, interfaces, conceptualising product ideas and shipping them. But if you asked the 20 year old me if I knew this is where I am going to end up - not even close.